What to say, they probably drink grog, cope with scurvy, rape, pillage, plunder, all while avoiding the brandings and hangings threatened by the state-sponsored navies.

To avoid writing more, I will now link you to Piracy at wikipedia.

Piracy In the News

The Somali pirates do a terrible job at piracy, you need submarines to have a proper modern piracy fleet. Now that there is an international task force in the region, one needs a very expensive submarine. I suggest a Typhoon class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. $3 million for the Sirius Star with a chunk lost at sea and $3.2 million for the M/V Faina (Фаїна) loaded with 33 T-72 tanks and munitions. This incompetence will not allow for proper investment of their loot and lead to the extinction of their life as pirates in a shootout from their Rolls Royce on some road in Somalia.

The Beeb has done a rather good job covering the activity in Somalia for their Piracy Hot-Spot.
How do you pay a pirate's ransom?
On patrol with the pirate hunters
Somali pirates living the high life
Rules frustrate anti-piracy efforts
Technology sets sights on piracy
Life in Somalia's pirate town
Q&A: Somali piracy

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