One of my favorite things to image, the cosmos.
There are lots more of images on the Messier Catalog page.

Image Processing


17P-holmes-mit-mond Comet 17P Holmes alongside a crop of the night's moon for comparison of angular size.
jupiter-transitTransit of Ganymede and the Great Red Spot.
saturn-aSaturn looking like Saturn.
grün-luftschraube-sterne Playing with long exposures, a green LED flashlight, and a Windmill.
milchstraße Milkyway with the barrel of a 80mm refractor smudging the bottom of this 5 minute exposure.
milky-slight-guide More Milkyway this time with a less obstructed view.
rising-gibbousThe Waning Gibbous Moon shortly after rising.
halbmondCelestron C8, 25mm eyepiece.
solareclipse-peakQuestar 3.5" Maksutov Cassegrain with solar filter. Solar eclipse of 08.04.05.
sonne-050824Coronado Hydrogen Alpha Telescope, picture is poor but shows some solar prominence.
m3-i3pieceMessier Object 3 through the eyepiece of a 16" telescope enhanced by the US export controlled I3 Piece.
krauss-expansionDr. Lawrence Krauss lecturing about the Physics of Star Trek.

Lunar Eclipses

28 August 2007

eclipse-planetrackA plane flyover makes the red and white dotted line. The blue is from a leak in my camera.

3 März 2007

leclipse-3.3.07 Collage of images of the uncovering moon. The large one is of the anti-crepuscular rays pointing towards Earth's shadow, which happens to be where the Moon is leaving.
eclipse-long-cleanSimilar as before just nothing exciting going on in the eclipse exposure.

Star Trails

milky-5minAbout a 5 minute exposure of the Milky Way to the south. Jupiter is the brightest, which is right above Antares on the right.
more-scorp-milky-50mmOn the left side you can easily see M6, M7, M8, M20, and M21 against the Mikly Way.
scorpius-50mmA slightly longer exposure centered on Scorpius, Jupiter is still the brightest.

Latest imagery

c2011-l4-houston c2011-l4-houston
m42-hou m42-hou
mond-prelim mond-prelim
lunareclipse-14.4.15 lunareclipse-14.4.15
solareclipse-14.10.23 solareclipse-14.10.23