M42 The Great Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula is quite the sight in the night sky. Even on relatively lousy days, you can easily see it with your naked eye as the middle star in the sword dangling from Orion's belt. The Nebula has long been a favorite of mine as it can be easily spotted and is even impressive with a simple set of binoculars.
Distance:1600 ly
Right Ascension:05h 35m 24.000s
Declination:-05° 27' 00.000"
Map of the Orion Constellation:
Map of Orion
Single 15 second Image with my Canon A620 with a 16" Schmidt-cassegrain telescope:
Great Nebula in Orion
3 Minute CCD exposure luminosity only:
M42 CCD Image

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