COVID-19 in Texas

Some charts on COVID-19 to explain how we know the state of COVID in the area.

This is also a good dataset to try and make plenty of nice charts with python and plt.xkcd() influencedy by Edward Tufte.

State totals

statewide hospitalized statewide hospitalized horsepital sparklines vaccine uptake

statewide cases/hospitalized/dead testing and infections per 100k

Houston Trauma Area

Houston TSA cases/horsepitalized/Fatalities Houston TSA testing/infections

Dallas Ft.Worth Trauma Area

Dallas Ft.Worth TSA cases/horsepitalized/Fatalities Dallas Ft.Worth TSA testing/infections

San Angelo Trauma Area

San Angelo TSA cases/horsepitalized/atalities San Angelo TSA testing/infections

Rio Grande Valley Trauma Area

Rio Grande Valley cases/horsepitalized/fatalities Rio Grande Valley tests and cases

El Paso Trauma Area

El Paso cases/horsepitalized/fatalities El Paso tests and cases

7-Tage Texas Inzidenz


Texas DSHS COVID-19 Additional Data

Texas Tribune COVID-19 summary

Widely accepted reopening guidelines

  1. 2-week drop in COVID-19 Cases
  2. Fewer than 4 new daily cases per 100k population
  3. 150 new daily tests per 100k population
  4. positivity rate of testing to be less than 5%
  5. 40% of ICU beds free to treat influx of new cases
  6. 7-Tagesinzidenz pro 100.000 Einwohner; 50 Fällen pro 100.000, .rolling(7).sum() - Contact tracing and containment is possible below this level.

Texas' take on reopening guidelines

  1. 30k tests per day (100 tests per 100k population)
  2. Infection rate less than 6%
  3. look closely at hospitalization rates and death rates to see if it's safe to continue
    • That rate reflects the number of hospitalizations that the state tallies on a given day over the cumulative total number of cases on that day, a formula that Abbott used at news conferences last month. While it is unclear if he is still using that formula to calculate the hospitalization rate, it is important to note it is imperfect because the cumulative total number of cases likely includes people who have recovered. 1

Other data

7-Tage Inzidenz

SZ Coronavirus Grafiken

RKI Gesamtübersicht

RKI Risikogebiete

TMC Coronavirus Updates

References and notes

Data quality

  1. Texas coronavirus cases spike as state reopens 

  2. TMC testing trends